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Picaroon Tools

Picaroon Tools started back in early 2016 with just one design of a bottle opener/knuck and quickly gained popularity, which led to making many more bottle opener designs in the next few months. Successful collaborations with Kizer Cutlery and Boker led to more than 8000 Picaroon items around the world - including bottle openers, knucks, prybars, custom jobs, and fixed and folding knives. Picaroon Tools is established in the coastal city of Varna, Bulgaria. The seaside life and the dangerous adventures of the pirates in the past inspired Pavel to take the lead of this brand and offer nautically themed everyday carry (EDC) items to the community. In December, 2021 the first EDC book in the community was published by Picaroon Tools, including interviews with makers like Jens Anso, Serge Panchenko, Carpe Diem EDC, Jason Tietz and many others.

Picaroon Tools Swabbie - Titanium

Friction folder

3.1" S35V blade

3.9" Titanium handle

Leather pocket slip


Individually numbered (X/100)



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