New River Knife Works


Svord Peasant Knife - Pink


3 1/4" carbon steel blade

8 1/4" OAL (open)


The Peasant knives are great working knives.  I bought one just out of curiosity a couple of years ago, but wondered what it was good for.  I quickly found out.  These knives are great to carry in the chest pocket or the ruler pocket of bibs.  I was doing some work around the house and kept needing a knife.  It was hard to use a pocket knife or utility knife because I was wearing heavy work gloves and I got aggravated by having to take them off frequently to open a knife.  The extended tang on this knife makes opening it a snap.  Plus, the tang works great to prevent it from closing accidentally when you’re using it for something a knife shouldn’t be used for (come on, we all do it).  I gave one to a good friend and it’s been his go-to knife for construction and remodeling.  What’s really amazing it how well these blades hold an edge and how easy they are to re-sharpen. Great for keeping stashed away in the truck as well.